Welcome to the dream vacation to MONTENEGRO
Montenegro, a small country is a heart of the Balkans, can easily compete with Spain and Greece on the status of the holder of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.
Montenegro is a country full of magic corners, stunning blue waters of the Adriatic Sea and high mountains . We can find wonderful coast, but also gray, bleak mountains and inaccessible wilderness lands.
Montenegro has numerous monuments which are on the UNESCO list.
In this small country we can find a lot of medieval towns, filled with fairy-tale atmosphere and breathtaking pleaces.
We created this online reservation service to help you find the apartment in which you will spend your dream vacation.
If you want really relax surrounded by the silence and the beautiful nature, we invite you to Utjeha to one of our two villas.

The first of our villa is a villa with a swimming pool Apartmani Jovetić having 13 studios. The balconies of the suites have across beautiful view of the Adriatic.

The second villa is also Minna Apartments in Utjeha yet without a pool. Villa has 12 apartments ranging in size from 52m2 to 75m2. From the balconies of the apartments Minna is also a beautiful view of the Adriatic. Minna Apartments has a rooftop terrace with an area of 240m2 where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the sea and the mountains and enjoy the sunshine or have a good evenings.

Photos Apartmani Jovetić and the views from the balconies.

Photos Minna Apartments and the view from the balconies and terrace.

 We also offer apartments in other locations in Montenegro. We help you find a deal that meets all of your expectations. We deal with the whole process of booking you find the best offer by complete all formalities with the voucher up to and including on-site assistance during check in or stay if necessary. You do not have to worry about the language barrier, we take care of contact with the owners of villas and apartments and the rent will be exactly the same prices as directly from the owners. For the entire season we are in place in Montenegro also offer help if needed. Offers of apartments in other cities in Montenegro can be found in the “Other Offers”