About Utjeha

UTJEHA is a true paradise on earth and the perfect place for a summer vacation.




Utjeha also known as Utjeha Bušat is a small, quiet resort town of Bar away from him about 15km south heading Jadranska Magistrala on Ulcinj. Utjeha captivates beautiful nature, rocky bays, beautiful pebble beaches with crystal clear water. It is ideal for those who crave for a peaceful holiday surrounded by nature far from the loudest and many crowded resorts.

One of the beaches at Utjeha is a big beach called “UtjehaUvalaMaslina ‘(named after the numerous olive groves stretching from the beach far inland) with a length of 180 meters and a width of 25 meters. One of the most famous beaches and bays between the Bar and Ulcinj. It is unique because of the isolation of the beach olive groves towing along the coast. It is clean and neat, good to come here with children. Each delight this place, especially because of the unique color of the sea water in the bay – clear turquoise shade that is the result of mixing of seawater with fresh, coming from the numerous underground springs. On the beach there are small white pebbles. It is one of nineteen beaches designated Blue Flag for cleanliness. At this beach located it is all you need for recreation facilities such as beach chairs, umbrellas, lifeguard, swim equipment and numerous pubs and restaurants. At the entrance to the beach it is located quite large grocery market and a bakery. The second of the beaches in this climate Utjeha beach in the bay called Paljuskovo. This beach is less besieged by tourists. Going to the beach it is advisable to take shoes to swim because the water of the Adriatic in Utjeha is so pure that you can meet urchins to watch. Utjeha is also an ideal destination for anglers and for people who like to dive.

In Utjeha are only apartments and holiday homes. Large hotel complexes aren’t located here,this plave is a quiet neighborhood.

Utjeha as the location of building his luxurious mansion chose not without reason Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. Locals and not only watching beautiful nature, views and sunsets say that it is a paradise on earth which is true.

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